Studio 500m²

The studio is located in the ŁUBINOWA 4A production complex in Hall M5, which houses 3 studios: 700 m2, 500 m2 and 500 m2.

A place saturated with modern technology, where esports and gaming formats enter the highest level of production.

We operate professional, automated television equipment allowing us to produce both live events, studio formats and reality shows from every corner of the globe.


Area 500 m2 – height 7m

  • polished concrete floor, 2 ton/m2 lifting capacity
  • technical platforms with lifting capacity of several tons located at a height of 12m2/bottom edge at 7m
  • electricity connection points located on the perimeter of the hall (6pcs.)
  • emission fiber optic connector and cable glands for broadcasting vans
  • direct communication with the warehouse and other facilities: wardrobes, makeup rooms, costume store rooms and production rooms
  • WIFI internet connection, telephone connections and a computer network
  • quiet air conditioning / ventilation system adaptable to the sound recordings

Studio equipment:

  • director room with four independent camera tracks
  • 24 automatic cameras system
  • the entire separate system of media wall
  • graphic system Xpression- graphic design
  • Mira system
  • Lightning installation system GrandMA
  • Multimedia system D3
  • camera arm length/ boom Movie Bird
  • towercam 5m
  • automatic slider 4m
  • computer system for E-sport games

Basic data regarding electric power supply:

  • object powered from ST-3 station within the administrative range - maximum power of 100 kW
  • within the range of non-guaranteed technological receipts - 130 kW maximum power of 130 kW
  • within the range of ventilation and air conditioning - maximum power of 190 kW
  • within the range of administrative receipts - maximum power of 95 kW
  • ST-3 station has two-way power supply on the 15 kV SN side
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