Polsat Games' flagship production is the first league in Poland on such a professional level and one of the most dynamically prospering regional projects in Europe.

We are currently focusing on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in official partnership with Riot Games. We organize, produce and broadcast the professional esports competition in both the television and the internet. Thanks to the experience of the team behind the venture, Ultraliga combines the high quality of a TV project with the Internet's lose convention.

What we accomplished?

As FRENZY we can guarantee our complex strategic and production support or relieve the client of individual segments of the project's creation. In this case our duties consisted of:

Visual identification

Broadcast production



Organizing events

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RIFT - Music video

To promote the sixth season of Ultraliga Polish Championship we decided to do something different.

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RIFT - Music Video

That's not all. In our 5+ years we've been in business, we've done more. Much more.

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