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These are just some of the people behind FRENZY's success

Behind FRENZY's success stand dozens of permanent co-workers, whose actions are coordinated by directors and department managers:

Jędrzej Stęszewski - Board Member

Jędrzej Stęszewski

Board Member

Hubert Habas

Hubert Habas

Sales Director

Tomasz Borowski

Tomasz Borowski

PR Manager

Bartłomiej Zawadzki

Bartłomiej Zawadzki

Head of Project Management

Agata Modzelewska

Agata Modzelewska

Head of Post Production

Check out our history:


FRENZY is born

FRENZY is brought to life by a team of several people passionate about gaming and the world of esports. It is in these heads that the first ideas will be created that will bring great success in the future.


First productions

This is the first chapter of our adventure with television. The broadcast of the EU LCS playoffs was then produced both online and on Polsat Sport News, and the stars of the scene could be heard behind the microphone.


First event

Frenzy is not only about broadcasting, we just learned how to put up events at Hoop Likes Festival Gdansk 2015. The team didn't catch too much sleep, but the experience was invaluable.


Partnership with

Events and broadcast productions were already behind us, so it was time for the written word. Coordinating's esports activities was a natural step in FRENZY's development.


x-kom Clash 2016

X-KOM Clash 2016 was one of the first stops of FRENZY's organizational journey. The event attracted more than 11,000 participants, showing how fast the gaming world is developing.


ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017

The return of the Polsat Sport News broadcast was related to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This time FRENZY produced the Polish broadcast of ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta, and on it, the popular chafed to win against Astralis in the legendary final. The defeat of the Poles brings great pain to us to this day!


Beginning of cooperation with ESL

In September 2017 - we started our cooperation with ESL for the League of Legends ESL Polish Championship Season 15 and Season 2 of the Polish Cybersport Cup. As it turned out later - this was only the beginning of the history of joint productions.


Producing IEM Pyeongchang Qualifiers

Having established cooperation in the production of ESL events, there was no way around broadcasts related to the IEM cycle. The first ones we had the opportunity to realize were the qualifiers for IEM PyeongChang in Starcraft II.


Next events with ESL

Another edition of the ESL Polish Championship and another Polish Cybersport Cup could not take place without our support. We are again responsible for the production of the broadcast of these worthy events



The great explosion in the popularity of Fortnite did not escape our attention, so the production of the broadcast of the SkillCustom CEE series simply had to happen. The whole thing was realized on the PAGO’s channel, whom we warmly greet!


Producing PlayStation League Finals

The following months meant more productions, this time we joined forces with PlayStation for the first season of PlayStation League, the finals of which we had the pleasure of broadcasting in our dedicated esports studio.


Investing in technology dedicated to reality-show productions

The first fully dedicated esports studio in Poland is not all we have prepared. A further investment brought technology dedicated to the realisation of reality-show type programmes.


Cooperation on Warsaw Shore

Since the technology is already there, it's time to take advantage - the first fire went to the recordings of the reality show "Warsaw Shore". With the producer of the program in the field of technological solutions and their service, we cooperate to this day.


First steps with Ubisoft

Our esports studio opens its doors for another realization. This time we work with Ubisoft producing the broadcast of the Rainbow Six Siege Masters League.


Polsat Games start

A breakthrough moment in our several years of activity was when we were commissioned by Polsat Television to produce esports content and broadcasts for the newly created Polsat Games channel. It was here that the Ultraliga League of Legends, Computer Games Show and other formats soon made their debut.


FRENZY x Riot Games

The start of our activities with League of Legends on television did not go unnoticed, and soon we become an exclusive partner of Riot Games in Poland. This allows us to broadcast League of Legends until the end of 2021 only on Polsat Games, and Ultraliga became the official LoL league in Poland.


Producing Ekstraklasa Games and Cup

Polsat Games kick-started the world of gaming and esports, but the latter didn't just stop at League of Legends. Soon we were responsible for producing broadcasts of Ekstraklasa Games and Ekstraklasa Cup games from the FIFA series. The final product went to the Internet and television.


Further collaboration with Ubisoft

We recently started our collaboration with Ubisoft for the Rainbow Six Siege Masters League, and here we are already with Season 2 and Season 3. Once again we were responsible for producing the broadcast of the games.


The Polish Stars Weekend

The Polish Stars Weekend is one of our favourite projects. We gathered the said stars of Polish League of Legends within the framework of two magical days of activity. It was a pure pleasure to produce the event.


Cooperation on KSW

We already have behind us the first realisations on the set of "Warsaw Shore", and reality shows are no strangers to us. We took our next steps in this field on the set of "KSW: Tylko Jeden" ("Only One"), where we provided and serviced video technologies.


Another year, another season of Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Polish Masters 2020 is the next chapter of the joint book that we had (and have!) the opportunity to write in this very interesting esports title. As always, we were responsible for broadcast production.



Esport is still on our lips, although it would probably be more correct to say hands. This time we are producing the broadcasts of the GWENT Open series in cooperation with CD Projekt Red.


More than a game.

The production of the documentary "More than a game. League of Legends community in Poland" commissioned by Riot Games is probably one of the biggest challenges we have faced. We guarantee you that making a film sounded easier in theory, but we are very proud of the results of many months of struggle.


Cooperation with RedBull

We're back in League of Legends as part of the RedBull SoloQ broadcast production. We'll let you in on a secret: the winner of the tournament will soon make his debut in Ultraliiga.


Producing Valorant Act 2: Invitational

The recent debut of new Riot Games titles was a huge event in the esports world, which naturally had to translate into the organisation of tournaments. One of them, namely Valorant Act 2: Invitational we had the pleasure to produce from the broadcast side.


Beginning of cooperation with ESL

We move from one shooter to another. Moments after the Valoranta games, we produce the broadcast of the Polish Esport League games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Cyberpunk 2077 premiere in TV

The release of the Cyberpunk 2077 game was one of the biggest events of the gaming world in 2020. Our contribution to the whole was the production of the broadcast of the official Polish premiere in cooperation with CD Project Red.


Ultraliga Teamfight Tactics

Ultraliga is no longer just League of Legends! The Ultraliga Teamfight Tactics in Poland is officially brought to life, which we have been organizing and producing ever since!


Continuation of cooperation with PLE

Cooperation with the Polish Esport League continues at its best. The title is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive again, and we are producing broadcasts of the Master Division in 2021.


Warka Planet of Gamers Cup

We missed the big live events and Warka came to our rescue with the production of the Warka Planet of Gamers Cup broadcast. It was great!



The events continue, this time we are responsible for the production of GAMING DAYS EURO RTV AGD broadcasts.


Another season of RedBull SoloQ

Time is passing and we are again producing RedBull SoloQ broadcasts in League of Legends. By the way, we also produce the broadcast of the tournament for Central Europe StarCup in Teamfight Tactics in cooperation with Riot Games.


Producing League of Legends podcast

News is always welcomed by us, and we haven't produced a podcast yet. Riot Games came up with the idea of creating a contentious show and so LORECAST was created, in which experts talk about the history of the world of Runeterra.


Rainbow Six Polish Masters 2021

Having reached this far in our timeline, you shouldn't be surprised that we once again enjoyed working together on the Rainbow Six Polish Masters 2021 project, where, as always, we were responsible for the production of the live broadcast.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The last time we dealt with a Major in Counter-Striker: Global Offensive was years ago, so we had to refresh a few things, but producing the Polish broadcast of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was a great pleasure for us!


Letter of Intent with Ekstraklasa S.A.

Ekstraklasa Games is a project of great potential, therefore we were happy to sign a letter of intent with EKSTRAKLASA S.A. for the production of broadcasts of this series in the coming years 2021-2023.



frenzy crew
frenzy crew

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